Terry Dresbach

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4 things:
Jamie told her he would be rough and she let him proceed anyway.

They have had rough sex before, initiated by Claire.

She says “Stop”at the same time she is pulling him closer to her and responding physically.

She doesn’t attempt to fight him. We have seen in the beating scene that she had no compunction in fighting back.

Some may say that she told us that he was too strong and she couldn’t fight back. But…Claire is not always a reliable narrator so I take that with a grain of salt.
Especially when it comes to her feelings about Frank she isn’t always completely honest.

But that is my perception. Others may very well see it differently and have equally valid reasons for doing do. We all bring our prejudices and attitudes to what we read/view that color how we see things and that can make for se great conversations.

I thought the Game of Thrones scene was different in that Jaime was angry and taking that out on Cersei who did struggle with him. That scene was also changed from the book where it was clearly consensual.