Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: Favorite wedding dresses!


I’ve always had a thing for Sharon Tate’s wedding dress.

It expresses so much about the time, the place, and herself.
So mid-60’s Zepharelli Romeo & Juliet in design,
so L.A. in the mini length dress and movie star make-up,
and so HER with the earthy flower-child daises & bows in here big, glorious hair!

Despite the mini-length of the dress, she is quite covered and demure. More sweet than sexy, and absolutely radiant with optimism.

My only kvetch now as I look at it (with trained eyes of a modern-day tech designer) is the bust darts.
I want to get in my Delorian and go back in time to fix the shape/placement so bad, but the weird pointy bust darts were sort of a thing back then.

Still, LOVE.