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<<<aerokel wrote:

I just love your analysis. I think you’re spot on. But some people think that what makes it a matter of dubious consent is because Claire says “Stop.” (“Stop, Jamie, you’re hurting me,” I believe.) And Jamie doesn’t stop. I like and understand your perspective but I can also see how portraying a woman telling a man to stop, and him not complying, can be dangerous. (And not only does he not stop – she ends up liking it, and it becomes that epic union between Claire and Jamie. Possible message: Don’t stop if she says to, because she doesn’t really mean it, and you’ll end up blowing her mind.) This is also the problem with the way Jaime and Cersei’s scene in Game of Thrones was filmed; she protested but he continued. Just wondering what your thoughts are on that perception of the Leoch scene.>>>

aerokel, i believe that what claire says is not “you’re hurting me” but “you’re crushing me” and that jamie then immediately places his weight on his own arms rather than on claire’s body. so, in fact, this scene demonstrates the opposite of rape in that claire’s feelings are immediately responded to by jamie. that said, i too feel that there are many shadings to what constitutes rape, and that to limit the concept to forced intercourse is to miss the effect on victims of other acts of force short of intercourse.