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Dear Terry – I am thrilled at your generosity, curiosity and passion to help create this blog and be on twitter. Thank you so much for reaching out to your fans. It is really enriching my own experience of enjoying the Outlander books (again) and TV series and inspiring some of my own creative desires. I am just completely enthralled with your design work & collaboration on the series. I can only imagine the roar of creative energy that needs to be stoked to undertake the enormous task you and Ron have taken on so beautifully & respectfully. It shines through in every scene – through each frame, the light, the scenery, the costumes, set designs, & the writing. I have listened to all your podcasts and I hear you guys talking about your learning process and all I can say is, as an observer, the passion & creativity you’ve imbued shines through the eyes of all the actors. Very special and I’ve seen nothing like it.

My mother has sewn & designed her whole life -her wedding dress, my sister’s and my own included. When we were developing my own wedding dress there was a beautiful twist of insight when she realized my sketches were so similar to her dress 34 years earlier – but yet modern. She ended up pulling out her pattern from years ago and it gave her the final inspirations to finish. The final touch was a embroidered silk overlay that became apart of my train and a shawl that we found at Britex in SF with the a similar oak leaf pattern in Claire’s wedding dress. The rest of the fabric came from Satin Moon in SF. Our wedding insignia was a beautiful Old World Oak Tree. We were surrounded by groves of Oak us at our wedding in Mendocino County. It was surreal and magical (still is after 13 years this October 6th!). As other’s have mentioned, when I saw Claire’s dress I just wanted to weep and have such a joy filled feeling every time I think of it. ALL of the costumes have been wonderful and have so much meaning weaved into them.

As for tea – I’m currently making an infused tea of marshmallow root and slippery elm herbal tea but I’m inclined to change the plants as I desire. Some tea places I enjoy in Northern California are: http://www.gatheringthyme.com in San Anselmo, http://desta.com/shop/ in San Anselmo, & http://rosemarysgarden.com in Sebastopol – I often get to play with my alchemist roots there – so fun in the apothecaries choosing your tea- reminds me of Claire. 🙂 Of course anything from Mountain Rose Herbs is amazing and pure quality – often carried at respected places in Northern Cal. shops but can be ordered https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/catalog/teas Actually I think all the places I listed you can order online when you’re out of town but each locale is wonderful to visit. Happy sipping!