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Hello, everyone! My name is Jen, I live in Vermont, and we are just now at the peak of foliage season. It truly is as gorgeous as the Google images show!

I love coffee in the morning and tea at all other times. Favorites include Bewley’s Gold, PG Tips decaf at night (the only decaf I’ve had that does not taste like decaf), and Kusmi Russian Morning. Hubby and I used to live in Olympia, Washington where I was the head baker for a tiny tea room (now defunct, sadly), and at one point had over 60 varieties of tea in our house! We also honeymooned in Victoria, BC and had lunch in a different tea room each day! It’s a good thing that I enjoy egg salad (he hates it) and he enjoys tuna salad (I detest it), so if those sandwiches were ever served together, we each knew whose were whose. However we then did not kiss for several hours, or at least until we both had a chance to brush our teeth well!

And I noticed that several people enjoy scones with their tea. Welllllllllllll. I happen to be a baker. With a phenomenal scone recipe. And I love to share. Any takers?