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It just struck me what you said about not knowing the reason that Claire loves Frank and relating it to her abandonment issues. At least I think that is what you are saying.

In the wedding night scene in the book Claire tells Jamie about her history up through Uncle Lamb. And then she says that she met Frank and doesn’t want to go any further.
Jamie doesn’t push her sensing this is dangerous ground for her.

So maybe when she met Frank she was at a point where Uncle Lamb was pushing her out of the nest and Frank was a safe choice. He wouldn’t ask more of her emotionally than she was prepared to give. She could love him without fear of devastation if something happened to him.

Her fears after the wedding night reflect this. It is the emotional intimacy with Jamie that really frightens her not the physical pleasure. Jamie is not a safe choice, he will want all or nothing and she knows that already.

Frank is her safety net. She does love him but it is a safe love in a safe time and place. She thinks she can have a safe conventional life with him (the vases) and she believes that is what will make her happy. Jamie is the risk that presents the opportunity for tremendous rewards or complete destruction.

That is why her choice is so hard for her. She is by nature a risk taker but by circumstance consciously cautious about taking risks.

And I’m stopping now before I get into Joseph Campbell and Karl Jung!! Archetypes and the Id an who knows what …