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Blame it on a double major in Psych and English many moons ago! LOL Truth is I never really sat and analyzed these scenes consciously when I read the books 20+ Years ago. It is only discussions like these that have forced me to articulate why I never had the problems with the strapping scene or this one.

That’s kind of how my mind works. It can drive my husband crazy because he can never believes my answers to things until he sits down and works through them to come up with the same answer I did. My kids are the same way and their teachers would get mad at them when they were young because they hated to have to write out their reasoning when their answers were correct.

I’m glad what I said made sense although others may see it in a different light. I just try to relate Jamie and Claire’s actions to what I observe in people I know.
I could be way off base but that’s the fun in these discussions. They make you think and learn from others.