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Wow,that’s a story. I have friends with similar stories. I think it’s so very difficult to accept how hateful people are capable of being, even if it’s right in your face. Thank goodness for your mother’s smarts/intuition/clarity. My husband was with a Jewish friend at a Scientific meeting in Germany a few years ago. The speaker/moderator was wondering why the biological sciences were not stronger in Germany. Our friend said “well, if you kick all the Jews out…”. I had a ballet teacher who was gay, so talented, lost him to Aids/HIV in the early days. We lose so much when we reject what is different. And men still see women as different. I like science fiction among other genres. I have more than once read reviews of scifi novels on Audible that complain because there are women in the story. I am not discouraged about the progress, I’m more just baffled by why we don’t help and encourage each other rather than squelch. The eternal innocent, in some ways. I loved your sharing