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[quote quote=3326]There’s also the obvious Strong Woman – Lagertha. Though I wondered about her abusive relationship after she left Ragnar. It’s really the only abusive relationship we’ve seen (isn’t it?) so I’m still not sure how to put that in the greater context of the show.

I think Vikings also has some very strong and interesting themes around faith – both the Norse gods/faith and Christianity feature prominently and the show does a good job of showing parallels between the faiths. A lot of that happens through Athelstan.

I just saw this thread, so I’m late to the discussion, I’m sorry. Vikings is such a brilliant show. I agree, it has great themes around faith which is what really intrigues me about the show. I love the use of Athelstan, an “outsider” especially in the first season, to introduce the community and issues surrounding faith/religion. He’s sorta neither here or there.

I also love Lagertha, she’s such a great character. I found her choice to leave Ragnar in Season 2 after Princess Aslaug showed up pregnant interesting and demonstrated her strength of character, though I’m sure there are some that may feel she didn’t have a choice.