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[quote quote=3298]Thats fair. I was actually responding to the women who said things like, “when I first read it I had no idea why it was such a big deal” I’m not quoting anyone, just that general tone. And again, they arent wrong, but I cant help but feel uncomfortable with that response, which is also just my personal reaction. [/quote]
I think I was one who said something similar to that.
It’s that my first exposure to that scene was reading and hearing about it from other women. These women were so upset that Jamie was a wife-abuser, etc etc that they just couldn’t get past that scene and couldn’t understand why anyone likes those books.
So I went into the book expecting this insanely misogynistic man beating his wife… and that’s just not what it was. So in that sense, I really didn’t have a problem with the scene. I think 1). Jamie explains to Claire why he has to do this 2). it’s historically accurate 3). she fights him on it 4). and swears she’ll kill him if he ever does it again.
If that scene were to be played out in 2014, we’d all grab pitchforks and kill him for touching Claire. But it was all he knew how to do at the time…. but what is great about DG, is that she really, truly allows her characters to grow and learn. By the end of the books, we can’t even imagine Jamie doing that to Claire.

On another issue – and someone else brought it up in an earlier post – I’m just not sure that Black Jack Randall isn’t capable of love. Or an emotion similar to love (affection)? He goes out on quite a limb to help his brother, staking his entire career and his life to get brother help.