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[quote quote=3385]My husband and I are coming to Scotland sans child (THANK GOD FOR GRANDMOTHERS) for two weeks next summer. Scottish friends suggested a giant loop starting either in Glasgow or Edinburgh and going thru Inverness, Alyth (where we have friends so need to stop in and say hello), and Skye (no other Islands…like some people with whom we are all aquaint I get seasick). With lots of distillery stops :)

As we get closer I’m going to rely on all of you for tips!!

Hi rachely,
I wish you a great trip. You will have a wonderful time I am sure. Terry’s blog entry about Scotland is truly a dream to read and makes me want to come to Scotland as well. I sure hope Outlander does for Scotland, what Lord of the Rings has done for New Zealand. I think it is a good fit. Anyways, you mention Skye and I was hoping you had seen the Danny Macaskill video and the Isle of Skye….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ_IQS3VKjA Breathtaking Beauty!!!

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