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[quote quote=3465]I’m really loving all of this discussion, too! Sorry am late to the party, but life, ya know?

The v. passionate Leoch scene after Claire worked herself up to a tumultuous uproar of jealousy over Laigohaire and Jamie forced her to accept him? IMHO, one of the best scenes in the relationship. He holds out the ring, and everything that goes with it, and SHE ACCEPTS. He doesn’t want to hear her jealousy about Laigohaire and although he always accepts Frank, this was the “I’m going to REALLY distract you from thinking of him while we’re mmmph-ing For-evah.” I don’t see it as a near rape, it was posed as a question: Will you have me? The description is perfect – she goes along, complains a little and then responds as an equal right back. Epic storytelling from Diana and a marriage is truly forged.

Both men are helpless to Claire’s drive for her career, but only Frank makes her feel like shit about leaving Brianna to do it (Ok, JAMMF wasn’t there, but he would have been all about it if he had been). Frank was very much a product of the 20th c sexism and DG shows sometimes he really wanted to control Claire and was scared of letting her be herself. Jamie demands she be herself.


Yes and add to the Leoch sex scene the ending lines where Jamie tells her “I am your master…but you are mine” and Claire thinking to herself “Smart lad. Frank never did get that.” That right there is it for me.

Actually Jamie is all about accepting her career in their later life. 🙂