Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



Hope and filmfixation;

I am a feminist


a humanist which to me is a broader category that encompasses more than just feminism. It’s more inclusive and harder to denigrate and I think we need more of that. Our society likes to label people and groups and then use those labels to divide and polarize people so why not make that as difficult as possible?

I’m sorry if you took that as a criticism of feminism and those who identify themselves as feminists but I don’t want to label myself in a way that creates a divide between myself and those who have been conditioned against “feminists and their agenda”. I’ve found I can often make headway with those who are not bad people but rather ill informed that way. They will listen to what I have to say if a label doesn’t get in their way, and I can often get them thinking about things in a different and better way. To me that is more important than having them accept feminism. For example, if I can get even a few people to view rape differently than it being the woman’s fault I count that a victory.

I’ve come to believe that change starts from a few people effecting little changes which ripple out and multiply until suddenly a tipping point is reached and the big change is there. To me Outlander is making more than a few little ripples and I hope to see them multiply and contribute to that tipping point.