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I’m having trouble getting the reply function to work, but I wanted to respond to Barb about feminist versus humanist. I do consider myself a humanist, and when I’m talking about who I am in the world to a new person, I do use that way of defining myself. The problem for me is that I still feel that I want to identify as a feminist as well, that women’s unique issues need to be acknowledged as separate and that it has been too easy in the past for feminists to put others’ needs before theirs. This happened in the United States during the anti-slavery movement. Women’s rights were shunted aside, and who is to say it was wrong, but then if we as women always choose the others before ourselves, will we ever reach our goals? Or is this a part of what it is to be a woman? To sacrifice? Just putting it out there, it’s not like there is one right answer. (I am also a cultural relativist, that bogeyman of many these days.) (I’m smiling as I say this, I would love to laugh about all of this even as we say things from our hearts.)