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Loving this too. Feel like I am exercising a part of my soul I dont give voice to often enough. Thanks women!

Yes, thank all of you. Nice release.
Well, this is what this board should be. It IS a female centric show, it should have a female-centric forum. I dealt with a lot of hostile male BSG old show fans. Some really nasty stuff. But for the most part this is a very refreshing fan base, because it is some. They want to love the show, want to support it and have been very welcoming. It is exciting.
I think this can be a very interesting space.

I think this is already a very interesting space and it can only get more interesting. It reminds me of sitting around with my dorm mates in college many moons ago and talking for hours about this kind of stuff. The few people I know in real life (Other than my daughter) who watch Outlander are watching it for the romance and yes, hot Jamie. The people on this board are all smart and aware and really get it. I love it.