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And this is what has always attracted me to the books, and why I push them at Ron. I have always felt that the book was about Claire. HER voice, HER story, HER POV, and I found that so refreshing. Add to that the fact that she is NEVER a victim, no matter what CRAZY shit happens, make it a very empowering story. Even after she loses Jamie ( I have said this a thousand times), she does not curl up into a ball, or become a broken woman, she becomes a frakking SURGEON. You cannot knock this woman down. But show me a woman in this book that isn’t tough as nails. JENNY? GEILLIS< JOCASTA, even LAOGHERIE, say what you will about her, she is no pushover. Strong, powerful women.
I was very surprised to find out how many fans could care less about Claire, and focus only on Jamie and on the romance aspects of the story.

And why I pushed these books to my daughter when she was in high school! (She didn’t read them then – it took a book club she is in in LA to get her to do that.)

As to Jamie, the first time I read Outlander I had a hard time seeing Jamie with Claire. He didn’t seem like he was quite up to her weight. That of course changed, thanks in no part to Claire’s influence on him, but I still have always seen him as the emotionally more dependent character of the two. Another example of Diana’s subversive gender switches, although a more subtle one.

Oh, I agree with you completely on that point! She became a surgeon, he married Laogherie!