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[quote quote=3373]This discussion brings up a point my therapist made to me years ago. I grew up with an alcoholic father who got very touchy and kissy when he was drunk (which was often). The touching and kissing never went “all the way” so I swallowed my anger and told myself that I wasn’t really molested. My therapist reminded me that my father’s role in my life was to be a protector not a predator. Such a seemingly simple concept … but it helped change my life.

So who are the protectors in our lives? The Outlander books really stand that question on its head and they don’t give us any easy answers. Kudos to everyone working on the series for carrying on that tradition. These blogs are all the evidence you guys need to know that your work is relevant and appreciated!

Fascinating question. I had a emotionally distant father, and a brilliant and very connected mother, who suffered from PTSD. I didn’t get much from my father, and I got a LOT (I cannot emphasize how much), from my mother, but I did not get protection. When she was having a PTSD moment, it was not safe. I think the only person in my life who has ever protected me is Ron, and he does it with great ferocity and tenderness.

I am a tough woman, and sometimes I can still be that little two year old warrior child you see in my ABOUT section. He just blows that to smithereens. Scary, but good.

Our kids know that no matter what, no matter what our job is to protect them (within reason). I never want them to feel like the only person they can really count on is themselves.