Terry Dresbach

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Dear me you are brave.

I am continually so humbled by the superhero strength of women-women like you and your daughter. What we endure…its unbelievable. Right now I’m working at a production company that is in production on a documentary about two girls, about your daughter’s age at the time of her assault, who were both raped at parties while intoxicated. One of these girls committed suicide, and one has attempted but is still with us, currently in her senior year of high school. I share this because it is SO important for these stories to be told. By sharing your story here, you have started the irresistible chain reaction of empathy that is running through the veins of this forum. We now all know your story and will keep it safe and honor it. The more women share, the more we can build community. Community is the most insidious force in the face of patriarchy/violence/hate. It starts here.