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Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=3225]Well, I started posting on another thread so I thought I’d swing by and introduce myself. My name is Meagan. I first read Outlander when I was 18, and have been obsessed with it for the past ten years. When I heard it was going to be adapted into a TV series, I yelled so loud I woke up my napping child…and didn’t even care. There also might have been tears involved. I don’t know. Maybe ;)

It’s late, so I’m enjoying a nice glass of Pinot Noir, and listening to a thunderstorm roll in.

For my tea, I like Davidson’s Irish Breakfast with a splash of cream and a bit of sugar. As much as I love coffee, it can’t compete with that!

Also, Terry, your work is just astonishing. Add the information from the blog and podcast, and I’ll never look at costuming and design the same way again. Thank you (and your team!) for your dedication and consideration.

Loved the discussions that I’ve read so far. Can’t wait to be a part of the conversation!

Welcome Megan!!