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[quote quote=3360]Dear All;
Since I still can’t figure out how to get replies in the places I want to I’m going to just try and answer you all here at the end. (I think that’s where it will be!) First I have to say that I am stunned at the people who are on this blog (forum?) right now. I feel the heart and intelligence in all of these posts. I usually lurk more than post, because mostly it’s just not worth the contentious exchanges.
I have to thank you for all of support. It really is something I have gotten very little of in my life. My daughter was raped when she was in 8th grade; she’d just turned 14. We were very private about it, but girls talk and the kind of judgment that we as parents and as a family received was pretty horrifying. Her rapist was 29 and it all went to trial after about a year of therapy and trying to get my daughter a bit more in one piece, and the jury acquitted him. He had hired a very expensive lawyer, and for a number of years on his home web site he mentioned, as advertisement that he had gotten a man off of raping a 14 year old girl. This was statutory rape, if nothing else.
I rarely talk about this, my daughter is an amazing person today and our family became even closer through all of the trauma, so we’ve definitely thrived. But it’s always there.
I grew up with three brothers. I knew their incredible sweetness when they were young, and I saw them brutalized as they got older. They are not small men, it’s just the culture. My oldest brother lost his wife to cancer almost two year ago and he’s so sad and I’m the next closest person to him in the world and I can hardly pull anything out of him. He’s just quietly suffering away.
I’m saying this because I do know that women need to be tender in a special way with men. Claire’s refusal to be put off by all of Jamie’s evasions after his extreme trauma from BJR is something I think many of us identify with. And maybe as mothers, or potential mothers we do nurture others more than ourselves, or other women.
All this to say that I do cringe from thinking about the episode at Wentworth Prison. I’ve read Outlander many times, and that part only twice. I skip right on to the part where Claire is sewing him up. (I hate the wolf scene too, partly because I love the idea of wolves in the wild and Claire’s battle with the wolf is so very graphic. DG certainly does get down and dirty.)
Terry, you’ve done something amazing with this forum. I hope it can maintain this; thank goodness for moderators.
Can we talk about fabric now?

Hope, run to the section on pleating!!! 😉

I am absolutely HONORED by what you have chosen to share with us. I hope that we can do lots of this kind of thing, as well as chat about our day, and our families, and what our kids and grandkids are wearing for Halloween. But the incredible ability women have to come together, and TALK to each other, about really meaningful things always amazes me. I hope this forum can encompass all of it, and thank you and everyone for being here.

Not sure what is going on with your posts. I am just learning as well, but will try and take a look at it. Anyone else who can see anything, let us know!