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[quote quote=3333]I have two stepchildren, 46 and 44 who I helped raise, and our two youngest are now 31 and 28. I think that everyone should read at least one Ayn Rand book, because I think her novels are considered to be a bible for many of today’s neocons. I still remember reading Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead in high school and walking around in a daze for a week until I finally woke up and said to myself “This is FICTION”. I spent a lot of years on a college campus and I would see (especially) business majors and engineering students walking around with that book and want to shake them and say the same thing. I do think Ayn Rand books are incredibly compelling, and that a fair percentage of our current politicians would cite her books as a major influence on them. (I have heard and seen this more than once.)

Your voice reminds me a lot of my own mother, a highly intelligent and perceptive woman, who would have said almost the same thing about Ayn Rand. As I age, I am coming to understand how much age had to do with her incredible wisdom. She was almost 37 when she had me, so I never knew her as “young”, in the parental sense. It was an amazing gift. I think I am seeing that in your posts and it is wonderful to have such a diverse group of women here in this discussion.