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[quote quote=3285]I did spend a lot of time thinking about it before I decided what I felt about it.

I’m STILL pondering my feelings for the ‘return to Leoch’ sex scene where she says “stop, you’re hurting me” and he doesn’t. I still quite haven’t forgiven him for that.

I had to stop and think about that scene. But I am okay with it. Human sexuality is a tricky business. Sometimes things happen in that incredible intimacy that are just not academic. Had she really taken it further and said, ” JAMIE, I SAID STOP”, I think he would have. I could be reading into it, something that wasn’t there, but I think that scene was about something more. It was a very male moment. He was was in love with and married to a woman who was still committed to another man, and he wanted her to be his. Sometimes those things are communicated sexually, and it can be very intense.
Oh does that make an ounce of sense? Slippery slope…