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[quote quote=3302]I was so curious about why 50 shades of Gray was so popular that I actually bought a used copy to read. (I’ve done this in the past to expose my children to Ayn Rand; if you buy used, the money doesn’t go back to the author or the Ayn Rand Institute.) It was boring and not erotic. I think there is not enough real erotica out there available to women. And there does seem to be a trend for the alpha male making the female submit in more than one genre. As a woman, I enjoy an manly man, but not if that’s the only facet he owns.[/quote]

Oh I love that buying it used part! Friggin Ayn Rand. How old are your kids, and why did you want to expose them to her? Fascinating!

Never read 50 Shades. The trendiness of it seemed like a warning sign, and I agree, there is plenty of great erotica out there if one chooses.