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[quote quote=3214]So I just read this entire thread top to bottom. It was like sliding around a plate of spaghetti and I love all the place it went. When this topic came up, about Rape, and how this show would deal with it, my thoughts immediately went to Jamie’s. When I read this book in my early twenties most of my friends had been recipients of unwanted male advances and an unfortunate handful of us were already card carrying members of the sexually assaulted club. ugh. So Claire’s attempted rapes just seemed, par for the course. But Jamie’s truly shocked me. Now that I am older I realize that male rape happens and it is a “shame shit storm” like no other.
Author Brene Brown wrote this fascinating book on Vulnerability and this passage seemed apropos
“Why do you think many guys struggle with fully opening up?
I think there is still some Barbie and John Wayne stuff lingering in all of us. The story I tell that gets the biggest reaction from the guys in my audiences is when a man approached me after a lecture I gave on shame to say, “My wife and daughters…they’d rather see me die on top of my white horse than watch me fall off. You say you want us to be vulnerable and real, but c’mon. You can’t stand it. It makes you sick to see us like that.”

I think thats why Im half curious, half anxious about the upcoming episodes. The spanking didn’t bother me, but seeing strong Jamie broken like that. The way he was at the abbey. It made me squirm. If that makes any sense.

[quote quote=3206]I wonder if Brianna is suffering by comparison with what we’re used to from Claire? After all, when we met Claire, she was 7 years older and with far more life experience (WWII nurse, orphaned & travels with Uncle Lamb, etc.) than Brianna, who is just 20 and was raised as the apple of her daddy’s eye. She was also raised by Claire, with a strong female role model without realizing how hard it was to achieve that level of accomplishment.
I think she gained my respect when she chose to take the journey … and then when she dealt with her rape and aftermath. She’s also a survivor, but has come to the past from a much different time and situation in the future than Claire did.
She is also extraordinarily patient with Roger when he needs it …..
But yes, Diana Gabaldon writes extraordinarily strong characters – men and women.[/quote]

Which is what appeals to an idealist like me. They really personify the kind of person I strive to be, and certainly the kind of marriage I wanted to hold out for, as the firmly unmarried woman I once was.