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It seems like you are making the assumption that those who have come to terms with that scene did it without any thought which is not necessarily the case. I find that the majority of Outlander readers are thoughtful and intelligent and those who have come to terms with this have not done so lightly. Please remember that many of us read this over 20 years ago so this is kind of an old issue that was beaten to death a long time ago with appropriate angst at the time.

The link posted earlier to a fan who struggled with this is a great read and she explains her thought process well.

It’s a shame that as women these issues are still so present in our lives despite all the years of struggle on our part. I had hoped years ago that my daughter would grow up in a world where women were no longer 2nd class citizens…sigh. That hasn’t happened and she turned 30 this year.

But in my view we need more men like Jamie on our side – those who can learn and accept that women are equal partners to them in our quest to make this a better world for all. I am lucky to have a husband who regards women as equal to men (if not superior)in many ways and he has been standing right beside me for many years in this struggle.

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