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The discussion regarding spousal corporal punishment has stuck with me-I’m doing some research and will report back with what I’ve found. The bottom line is that I don’t think the feminist response is to just wholeheartedly accept Jaime’s actions and explain them away. That being said, I’m quite pleased that Diana included this in the books because I do think it ultimately serves a valuable purpose in terms of the narrative and the forming of what eventually becomes a equal partnership. BUT I cringe when I read comments from those who are surprised that other women had an issue with it. ANYTIME a woman is in a vulnerable position and is physically abused by a man we should ask questions, give pause and fight the urge to quickly explain it away. We may come to the same conclusion, ie-that Jaime was a product of his time, equal punishment should have been dispatched for Claire’s actions, etc ect but we should still question it.