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I need to say here that my appreciation for Jamie came initially for how very smart he is. Claire is spontaneous and impulsive and driven by good intentions. Jamie has an amazing understanding of people and the society he lives in and that is how he survives, and then helps Claire survive during hard times. The beauty of the those two doesn’t hurt, not at all. And it is nice to have a hero with the courage and strength to carry through his promises of protection. I think this is something that has been lost in the present day which may be one reason we all appreciate it in Jamie. Today women are expected to protect ourselves, and we do to a large extent, but then we come up against those times when we simply can’t and the culture has changed enough that frequently no one else steps up. (I’m thinking of the girls who have been raped by one or more boys while others videotape the whole thing. But there are more examples. I’ve personally known about fraternity parties where basically all the ‘brothers’ know that drinks for girls have been ‘rufied’ and no one says a thing.)
I did love the Wedding episode and enjoyed seeing the bodies, but even more important to me was to see Jamie at work, finding his way to this angry and scared woman and bringing him around to start to be able to see him. What an amazing arc over that chapter.