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I had to stop what I was doing to get back into this discussion. So many interesting topics have emerged. It’s hard to find women to discuss this sort of thing. In reference to a previous comment, I have to say I think women have gone backwards or are being forced backwards (however you want to word it). If you look at a magazines, for example Maxim, or many shows, and musical productions, I dismayed by how women are portrayed and why this is happening. I have some theories, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. I was wondering also what you all think about the

    50 Shades of Gray

phenomenom. Personally I have not read the books nor do I plan to; however, I do know the storyline. I am amazed that their is such a huge cross-section of people that like these books. I know several very conservative women who would normally not watch an R rated film, but are nuts about these books.

On another note, (trying to catch up–was having network issues) I love the Vikings tv show and not just because I am Danish. I try to point out to people that Scandinavian women decided who they wanted to marry and also allowed divorce. Our court system is based on Scandinavian proceedings. (I’m trying to differentiate between Viking raiders and general Scandinavian people of that era.) I’d love to discuss on another thread.

Back to Outlander–I always loved Brianna. I didn’t know readers had a problem with her until a discussion on another forum. I’m very much looking forward to her portrayal on the show. I think of her as forward-thinking, independent, and outspoken like her mother. One of the reasons I started getting into sci-fi was because there are so many strong female roles. When I saw my husband watching BSG and that Starbuck was female, I was like wait a minute, I can get into this. Sara Conner also. I don’t understand why people freak out about the word “feminism.”

I love the “under the kilt” discussion. As I understand from the book, underwear didn’t really exist back then, so wouldn’t the redcoats not have anything under their pants either? I was also surprised to read on this forum that people are watching the show for the eye-candy. Not that I don’t like a good looking Scot–my husband being one–but the show is about Claire and how her insertion in the past affects other people’s lives. I would like to see an interview with Caitriona about her role and how Claire is perceived. Thanks for reading!