Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



I agree Terry…Claire is an icon. And it is important to frame sexuality in the time that she lived…the 1930s/40s…she is a woman way before her time (no pun intended) in terms of how comfortable she is in her skin and with that side of her. Certainly her carrying this confidence with her back into the 18th c. is a challenge to the perceived qualities of women then, but I love that she holds her ground…it is not even a question that she be submissive…she maintains her voice and her feistyness. LOVE that! It is likely that her uncle treated her as an equal and did not raise her to be a traditional lady that had helped shape her.
What I love about Jamie is that he seems free to ask her questions…he trusts her “experience” and looks to her to help him mature in his own way sexually. This is the ultimate in respect, and ultimate gender bender for that time. What man would look at a woman beyond something to possess?
Jamie struggles somewhat with what he is prescribed to be as a Scottish man, a laird, a husband whose wife is “supposed to be” but I truly believe that he respects Claire and wants to learn from her. He is open to being her partner and admits that she has a hold on him.