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[quote quote=3165]I really like Vikings. Engaging stories, great characters, and strong women. I really like the emphasis on the culture of the community and how it infuses every part of their lives.

I do find myself disturbed by the blood and gore. I can’t comment on whether or not it’s historically accurate, though I suspect it is. And the violence is treated with an odd sort of respect – it’s not there just to add violence for the sake of viewers. And after the discussions here, I think I’m glad I’m not desensitized to it. ;-)

Terry, thank you for providing the space to have these discussions!


It is violent, but again, it does not feel gratuitous or out of context. It feels believable, a keyword, Ron always says is essential. One of the most interesting things is that there is NO nudity. NONE. Not ONE naked breast. I have argued with people who have watch the entire show, who insist there is. THAT is groundbreaking, because the show is so damned sexy with no naked female furniture. It proves that sexy has nothing to do with naked flesh, and that EROTIC can be portrayed fully clothed.

Love that show. Watched all three seasons twice. On my third viewing.