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Katie (@bunnums)

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I hate DROP THE KILT. But I also know that Starz is very smartly marketing to the hard core book fans, who lust after Jamie.
They WANT to see the kilt drop.
But Ron is a very unusual man. Who is the actual discussion of Outlander focusing on, Claire. “Captain, I see land!!

Can I admit that I really don’t like the “The Kilt Drops” tagline, either? While Outlander is a sexy story, it’s not a story about sex and that tagline reduces it to sex.

I did like the “Damsels Don’t Distress” tag, though. But no one seems to want to push that one. Maybe it’s too close to “Damsels, Don’t Distress” (which is how some people did actually interpret it), which implies the “dinna fash, you’ll see it all” attitude rather than championing the Strong Women theme.