Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



Not mention BRIANNA! Right now I’m reading about her getting a job in 1980’s Scotland as a mother of two. Love how it is playing out with her and Roger-Diana isnt shying away from the fact that there is conflict there between them.

Love your point about Claire and the level of adoration that skips her in favor of “The King of Men”. The marketing of the show, especially on Social Media skews heavily in favor of “hot pics” of Sam Heughan with Jaime quotations. Its a smart move to lure in non-readers, Sam is so appealing to look at in your costumes with the magnificent Scottish highlands as the backdrop-pretty breathtaking actually. I am not above enjoying them surely…but I cannot wait to see Claire SAVE HIM from Wentworth through her own force of will.

I wonder if giving him VOs in the second half of the season will just magnify the fixation on the love story and him or if it will have the surprising effect of pointing out to female viewers just how kick ass Claire truly is? hmmm…