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[quote quote=2649]Mmmh, what am I going to do? Spending less time on Twitter and all the Outlander related blogs, trying to read ALL the wonderful Outlander-related stuff (recaps, reviews etc…) *g*

But seriously, – and the following is not necessarily Outlander-hiatus related, but the Outlander world taking kind of a break will help *g* – I am determined to spend more time trying to tap into my own well of creativity. Planning (once again) to do NaNoWriMo and in November and in the other months do some other stuff, which are more personal and maybe less creative and just necessary for my own mental well being. Not implying that Outlander is the thing that’s keeping me from doing all that, but sometimes the Outlander world is just such a wonderful, entertaining distraction ;-) And I’m so easily distracted, unfortunately.

So the gist of it all: Spending the free time useful and productive. Hopefully ;-)

Have a lovely time being useful and productive! It will make the warm Outlander World embrace upon your return all the more special.

Me, I have just arrived, I am basking in all that is the Outlander World. As a Show-Watcher is where I enter this lovely world. Treading carefully as possible to remain as spoiler-free as possible is a skill in its own right I am finding. But fun, none the less. So, spoiler-free accommodations are so appreciated.

The added layer of having a forum like this is amazingly generous of those that make this forum a reality.

I look forward to all the blog posts that you provide Terry. Fascinating.

It may sound corny, but this quote is how I try to live my life each day. Trans-formative for me when he said it.

“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one.” – Tom Hiddleston.

(Of course he said it in French first, ladies…….An Englishman speaking French.)