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AH SO TRUE! Thanks for sharing that bit about your Mom, love that. I am not above saying that theorizing is a safe way to encounter these ideas-living them? Fighting through them? NOT easy. I am by no means on the front lines like some of my colleagues and close friends are.

Perhaps Jaime and Claire arent actively dismantling the system, but when you think about what Diana’s books have done in terms of reaching millions with this narrative…it has done something. Struck a chord, surely. And with each chord struck, a small chink in the armor forms… I struggle between being a: “well just make the most out of it” and a “every little advance counts!” person-maybe I am both.

Driving through the north bay on my way to the city this morning I heard that the “Yes Means Yes” bill was passed into law. Not revolutionary, but hard won and desperately necessary!!