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Does anybody else find it interesting/worrying that this discussion is taking place at the same time as the “He for She” campaign, and awful stuff like this happening http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11127782/Stella-Creasy-Twitter-troll-hell-I-cant-get-the-last-year-of-my-life-back.html ?
Born in the 80s, I never imagined myself having to be a “feminist” or have TV shows (like Outlander <3) have to be “pushing boundaries” towards equality… (Obviously this concerns much more than just the show, I’ve just really become aware of this in the last few weeks – feminism has become an issue again)
It is truly refreshing to have a strong female character on TV, who is strong for her character and not her function, to watch. (I’ve been a fan of Claire for about 8 years, so before “seeing” her!)
AS others have said further up, the portrayals of sex and rape, so far have been very much from a female point of view, which is almost unheard of, and a really great thing. I think, and hope, that the show will continue to portray them, not as gratuitous viewing, but as visual moments that force us to think about ourselves and our society and mainly enable us to empathize with the character to whom it is happening. (hence why so much interest in the BJR -Jamie situation to come, and also the gang rape scene in later series)
18th century Scotland was not a pretty place to be, and I personally have never been shocked by Jamie’s or Claire’s actions, even when they’ve had to kill. BJR’s actions do shock and revolt, and so they should. It will be very interesting to see how Ron and the writers and director manage to balance that in the final cut…