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[quote quote=3068]Why the throw extra naked women, besides the story?For many and different reasons, that are not, of course, the idea of the writer.In order to make noise, in order to make money, perhaps and some time in order to provoke.That are the times, why I understand, why the call it, “the movie industry” and it has nothing to do with art.As for the GOT, that’s one of the reason, that I cannot say, that I like watching.It’s a little over the edge, for me ,sometimes.
But, with all of our self-awareness and especially against the backdrop of our knowledge of sexual exploitations, gender equality, etc etc – why do filmmakers feel the need to expose women in an unnatural way? I know our first gut answer is because it drives money, provokes us yada yada, but it becomes a vicious cycle. We want the objectification of women to stop, but we continue to inundate out daughters with visions that continually do so.
Claire’s nakedness seems natural – especially the bed scene, which we have referenced here. Oberyn Martell’s orgy scene was not needed.