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Katie (@bunnums)

I just started season 4 of BSG. Love it! But it took me until well into season 2 before I thought about the fact that so many of the people in power (President, obviously, but also Kara and Boomer) were women. It just felt normal to me (I have a lot of strong women in my life) so I didn’t really notice at first.

But what I like even more about BSG is that no one in that world *comments* on the position of women. Because it’s just such the norm that there’s no need to discuss it. I can only hope to live in a world like that.

Though it would also be nice to include in our world to accept as normal that men can be vulnerable and affectionate and witty (not sidekick-witty). Maybe that’s one of the reason Jamie appeals to me as much as Claire – they both break a lot of gender stereotypes in positive ways.