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Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=2944]Outlander the show and DG’s books depict sexual and other violence in a way that adds depth to the characters and story. The fact that the sexual violence is shown in a way that makes me want to look away in horror as much as seeing an arm amputated is entirely appropriate, I think.
As some others have mentioned, we’re almost numb to violence in society. Rape, sexual violence and the objectification of women are used today to control women, or worse, taken for granted as the way women “should be” in society. The fact that show is taking the trouble to convey the horror of the sexual violence/rapes also deserves attention. So much of what we see in media (advertising, video games, TV and movies) reinforce women as sex objects. It’s easy to see why violence against women, portrayed as objects, continues to be tolerated in society, given the dominance of such images.
I commend Ron and the whole team for the way Outlander is taking on Claire as a strong, sexual being, and taking on the violence she experiences, and presumably how others will do so. It’s not WHY I’m watching the series, but it is why I’m talking about it on my blog and with other people who are not watching or fans of the books.[/quote]

It is really helpful to hear that viewers and fans are “getting it”. Even if most people do not, knowing that there are those that do, really makes a difference.