Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



Thank you for taking time out of your life to host this blog and forum. I was happy to read the article and see the TV Adaptation of Outlander being given the thoughtful analysis it deserves. Bringing this book to life as you and the Team have done is an amazing feat. I credit Anna Foerster and Anne Kenney with dealing honestly with the violence that is rape. The range of real emotions and believable, multi-dimensional personalities portrayed by the actors was amazing. (For what it’s worth, I believe Jack is a sociopath in addition to being a sadist.) We think of the violent near-rape events as only happening to Claire, but Jaime too is wracked with pain and guilt about his role of putting her in danger by not taking normal (for that time) precautions (Hugh Munroe easily tracking them and shooting the arrow should have been a warning, then the deserters, then (possibly) Jack.) It’s hard not to take an ethnocentric (if that’s the right use of the term) view of the time period and violent conflict that was a daily occurrence. Book readers know that there is a long journey ahead in the second half of the season as Claire and Jaime learn to find strength in each other and live through hell in a triumph of love over fear and violence. Based on the Talented Team that Ron D. Moore has assembled for this project, I’m confident you all will make it work brilliantly. -Marian