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[quote quote=2991]I’m kind of foaming at the mouth with anticipation for how the punishment scene will be presented-i have some suspicions as to how it might be handled and I relish the promise of further conversation to be had on forums like this!

I have a feeling we will get peaks inside both character’s subjectivities during the encounter. If not directly during-perhaps in flashback. I’m sure the Jaime-Adoration and Obsession will be compromised, but what a fun thing to work with creatively! I mean…thats what this book does-completely dismantles your foothold on who these people are and the choices you think they will make-thats part of the reason they have sustained thousands of pages and millions of readers (hey, and watchers now too!)
Oh, I am getting on my crash helmet. So much for the show being heavy handed on the feminist push, as everyone was saying.
I used to think that was why people liked it. But I am starting to wonder if it isn’t really for jamie’s ass (not everyone, of course), and everyone just sort of blips over thee tricky bits. That is why people complain about too much Frank, and even too much Claire (unless it is about fantasizing you are Claire so you can be with Jamie). It’s hot guy in a kilt, swoon, squeeeeee.