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[quote quote=2990]I think all the sex scenes have been handled pretty perfectly. The wedding night was more real than any love scene I’ve ever seen, from their bodies to their faces, Sam and Cait did such a fine, fine job. It was written and acted flawlessly, for me at least.

The (attempted) rape scene was also pretty real, although I have never, fortunately, experienced anything like that myself. The aftermath for Claire, her shock, absolutely brought it home for me. She was damaged in that moment and was not going to get past it easily. I loved that part.

Each episode has been done so well that I’m actually feeling a bit of trepidation at the thought of some upcoming scenes that are even more brutal than Jamie’s flogging and the attempted rape of Claire. It’s one thing to read these scenes but it’ll be another entirely to see them brought to visual life. I can’t wait to see them, even though I may want to turn away.

Have you seen the conversations around the anticipated depiction of the punishment Claire will be receiving from Jamie? That’s causing quite a stir too. It’s an interesting discussion. To me, it wasn’t unfair for the time. And even though my husband and I agreed we wouldn’t spank our daughter, when Jamie explained the discipline he received from his father and the effect it had on him, I got it. Again, I think it was good for the time. But I’m glad we didn’t have to spank Lydia.

~ Debbie
I have not seen any of the discussions. I assume they are on closed FB pages. People get upset when you say that it has to be put in historical context, but isn’t that the whole point of a time traveling story. What a person from one time has to deal with in another.