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It certainly is. I was definitely challenged by the Jaime-punishing-Claire passage in the book. There is the obvious reaction anytime a woman is met with violence or discomfort (that is undesired) by a man-any man.

I think more than that it had to do with the complete dismantling of the “Dashing Male Hero Who Can Do No Wrong”. Jaime is as much a product of his environment, and while he grows to think for himself and see Claire as an equal, it doesn’t happen overnight like loosing his virginity did. We are so used to our male heroes being exempt from social conditioning despite the historical context-they have to be honorable AND sexy AND loving AND respectful. Well guess what-Jaime is many of those things but he is also a man of what, 23, 24 in the books at this point, and not unsusceptible to the 18th century equivalent of “peer pressure”. The “clan mentality” is a real thing-and powerful. He makes a mistake, and it took me a long time to forgive him, and the book really, for it. But I came to understand that it had more to do with my ability to accept Claire NO MATTER WHAT while simultaneously holding Jaime to the impossible “Handsome Hero Scot of The Year” standard.