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Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=2970]I completely agree with martha and elizlk… I work with young people, and come face to face every day with the reality that they are neither shocked or bothered by anything they see on film… or even if they are, it is a fleeting emotion, which will soon be forgotten. The way sex and violence and, indeed, women is portrayed in the mainstream media, has exacerbated this tendency. I’m only 33, but I’m pretty sure that if any guys in my class in secondary school had talked to me, or about women in the way they do now, that we would have crucified them! Which is why I think people are finding the “sex scenes” in outlander so refreshing. They are real. They make you feel good, or uncomfortable, or content, or scared, or they make you *squee* depending on the scene. Thanks to the directors/producers and their depiction of events. We are not being bombarded with falsehoods, like in an episode of KUWTK, or even True Blood, GOT, which is probably why everyone’s talking about the episode, and not Sam Heughan’s behind! [/quote]

What is your take on the rape issue?