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[quote quote=2967]i agree with the flames part…because as we all know (even more now that we have the INTERNET) a lot of people dont get it.

haha. They just dont. Obviously I have been to film school and am a filmmaker myself so I have some understanding as to the intentionality behind shot choices/sound design ect-but the overarching artistic product is fairly clear, and to not see it is to be left behind by great works of visual storytelling…kinda sad really!!

“Hey people! We’re over here redefining television, JOIN US WONT YOU??”

Ron did that on BSG, and it was groundbreaking. Redefined television. I don’t believe Homeland, or even Breaking Bad, would ever have made it onscreen without having the way paved by BSG. Drives me nuts. But Ron is a different kind of animal. He is good with quiet, personal satisfaction.