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But the solution is not to hide under a rock (which clearly you are not advocating). Setting up some sort of rape per show quota. That is why I am so surprised to hear so many women object to showing rape in context, rape as a horrifying act. I suppose we are so accustomed to it being shown gratuitously, that we have no other context to view it in.

Yes, I have to say I’ve never been a fan of “trigger warnings” and the like. Rape is part of life and why can we not address it for the horror that it is? That it hurts, and it kills a part of you, but that if you’re lucky you can find your way out again. That even after you find your way out it is part of you forever. I’m going to make the assumption that Ron, et al, are smart enough to not treat Jamie’s rape (or other upcoming ones) as if it were a Law and Order when the rape is a plot point for an hour long episode and then forgotten.

(If there’s no armpit hair we can’t have the hilarious scene where Claire gets it waxed in DiA!!)


No, that is not Ron’s style. Now is it Diana’s. Jamie’s rape stays with him, and thus with Claire throughout all the books. Because it would. I really respect that Diana has treated it that way. It is interesting to see that played out fro a male perspective, when it is usually just through a woman’s. It is part of you forever.