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[quote quote=2912]Aren’t they/we/DG just showing what life was LIKE for a woman. How much of these books revolve around the fact that no matter how strong Claire is she cannot protect herself. There are two quotes about this later on (paraphrasing here) once when Donner tells Claire that he knew she was from the future because ‘she wasn’t afraid enough of men’ and that she ‘should be more afraid’. And one when Ian brings those two girls he finds to a brothel and doesn’t want them in danger and the Madame says (again, paraphrasing) ‘they were born girls; they were born in danger’ (which, doesn’t Cercei say something very similar in GoT?).

Having been raped I can’t say I feel like things have changed a whole lot, except that my dad didn’t go out and kill my rapist to avenge me and my maidenhead… which leads me to the fact that of all the rapes it is Claire’s in BoSaA that I found the most horrifying because it was so common and so ordinary. She wasn’t facing a sociopath/sexual sadist/whatever BJR is, they were just MEN, ordinary men.

Sorry, this is a little all over the place.

[And since it is all over the place I would like to put it out there that I’m going to be really annoyed if Claire doesn’t get armpit hair (she didn’t in the Wedding episode. she clearly had a good waxing in the future) and if there’s full-frontal she has normal public hair. Not what I saw someone refer to as the “King’s Landing Strip” in reference to the women in GoT having well groomed privates.]

I just cannot agree with you more on all counts. Rape IS common and ordinary, and that is what makes it so horrifying. I suppose in the 18th century murder was to. In the 21st we have criminalized murder in ways that we do not criminalize rape.
But the solution is not to hide under a rock (which clearly you are not advocating). Setting up some sort of rape per show quota. That is why I am so surprised to hear so many women object to showing rape in context, rape as a horrifying act. I suppose we are so accustomed to it being shown gratuitously, that we have no other context to view it in.

I fought hard for body hair. It really bothers me that women in period shows are without it. Baby steps, I guess.