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Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=2908]Do you think that there is still some kind of modesty among the viewers, that prevents them from seeing the show, without some kind of guilt?I think that the show is a, more than expected adaptation of the book and the way that it presents sensitive issues of the book is right. I cannot understand why there must be a conflict about this.”Game of thrones”, “Spartacus” are shows aired before “Outlander”, that have presented raw scenes of war, sex, rapes, assassinations etc. The problem here is that there is a heroine, a strong willed, intelligent and independent woman? Correct me if I got this wrong.[/quote]

I don’t think it is about violence as we have all seen a million times. We barely notice decapitations anymore. I think it will be because this show is portraying it in a very honestly, not cinematically. It will make people uncomfortable, as it should.