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[quote quote=2902]How to phrase this? I’m pretty sure that the events in Wentworth, however they are portrayed are going to create a storm – the subject matter is just so different to what “mainstream” television would habitually show, and indeed I have vague memories of other shows (probably soap operas??) where male rape has been a storyline, but which has never visually been acknowledged. To paraphrasing DG/Jamie “knowing is far different from seeing” and I’m intrigued as to how these scenes will be shown…
I’m personally most interested in when Jamie tells Claire about it – will that be in the show? How are they going to deal with that? How are they going to film when Claire “brings Jamie back”? *flashes of horrible war style pstd flashbacks* (please don’t do that ;-)) How do you portray on film that particular journey, and to what extent is the recovery harder to watch than the trauma?
Don’t know if I’ve made myself clear, but I hope so![/quote]

Obviously I can’t say anything about what has been shot. i am fascinated by the response of so many readers who have read this book that is filled with a LOT of sex and violence, Love the book, but don’t want the show to portray that. How do you (not YOU Tiggereos, reconcile what you are reading?) Sometimes I feel like I am reading a different book. This is a hard core book that presents things one doesn’t usually come across in a historical novel. I think it is incredibly brave, it shies away from NOTHING.
It is going to be interesting, because the majority of viewers have not read the book, and will not understand that the show is an adaptation.