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How to phrase this? I’m pretty sure that the events in Wentworth, however they are portrayed are going to create a storm – the subject matter is just so different to what “mainstream” television would habitually show, and indeed I have vague memories of other shows (probably soap operas??) where male rape has been a storyline, but which has never visually been acknowledged. To paraphrasing DG/Jamie “knowing is far different from seeing” and I’m intrigued as to how these scenes will be shown…
I’m personally most interested in when Jamie tells Claire about it – will that be in the show? How are they going to deal with that? How are they going to film when Claire “brings Jamie back”? *flashes of horrible war style pstd flashbacks* (please don’t do that ;-)) How do you portray on film that particular journey, and to what extent is the recovery harder to watch than the trauma?
Don’t know if I’ve made myself clear, but I hope so!