Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



I remember a comment made by Ron that he was asked to make the fans happy. The fans are drunk beyond our wildest expectations!
For a critic to write about Outlander, without reading the book, is like trying to describe to someone what an orange tastes like, that has never smelled or tasted one.
I liked HALF of Maureen Ryan’s article, and I agree with her that the sexuality, and how it is portrayed in Outlander changing TV. Ron, you, and the team have done an outstanding job with multi-facets of carefully portraying the honest sexuality between Claire and Jamie. I totally related to the look on Claire’s face, like is that it Jamie? And of course it would be with a virgin! Memories… The love-making in three parts was brilliant, and spacing it out perfect. When it comes to art, I know it’s hard to sit back and revel in creating perfection, but you both have provided that for us fans!
What is coming up with BJR is going to be VERY interesting, and VERY different from any TV experience to date. Men get fractured by war and violence. The absence of Love seems to cause war. The war causes violence, and a disproportionate need for any kind of love. I think most fortunate people who have not experienced it, or have been in a relationship with someone who has, have a lighter understanding that a man can behave just like this. My ex was a Viet Nam vet and let’s just say Herself got the horror of it all, just right. I’m sure the upcoming scenes will cause a huge wave of discussion, and that is good. Violence/Love happened, it happens now, and will continue.
I look forward to seeing how this unfolds!